few words about acupuncture...

Acupuncture is a method of adjusting and invigorating your innate and natural healing power; it’s organic. The World Health Organization has acknowledged the efficacy of acupuncture treatments on various physiological and emotional issues.


From the hieroglyphs and pictographs found in China, dated as early as 1600-1100BC, indicate that acupuncture treatments were applied before the birth  of  science and biomedicine.

People in ancient times had a much closer relationship with the Mother Nature.  Farmers arise when the ray of the sun hits tree tops; retire to home when it’s dark.  People conduct their daily activities according to the rhythm of the nature and seasons.

It’s from this exposure and close connection with the nature, the Chinese medicine  has emerged and associated a human body as a microcosmic of the universe.  In nature, inclement weather occurs when there’s imbalance of barometric pressures; whereas disease manifests when there’s imbalance in a human body.  Acupuncture treatment has wonderful regulating ability to bring our internal microcosmic universe back into homeostasis. 

In a capsule, acupuncture is an art of an individualized treatment – the integration of identifying, incorporating multi-channel relationships, and combining energetic points. Acupuncture is a gentle nudge to our internal environment that have gone array to bring it back to equilibrium again.  This evidence is supported by the World Health Organization and Western medical studies that prove acupuncture releases  endorphin and serotonin, which relax our bodies for self-healing. 

acupuncture needles  & VACCARIA SEEDS

the meridians

Meridians are very much like stems on a cabbage leaf.  Main stems branch out to become smaller and minute stems forming a tight thoroughfare in our body for physiological communication.  It is though this multiple and widespread connections that acupuncture affects to invigorate the healing power.


Restoration & Balance  


Sterile, fine, solid, pliable needles are the tools.   They evoke a minor sensation upon insertion that include – Releasing of a deep breathing, belly gurgling, sensation of warmth or cold, tingles in the local area, or a radiating sensation at a distal location.   All of the above are positive physical feedback indicating Qi and blood activation and circulation.

Vaccaria seeds are seeds from an annual plant known as cowherd or cow soapwort. They are applied to the ear and stay for days for the patient to massage them to illicit and enhance therapeutic effects.